Kobe Air Jordan Bryant Speaks Out Against Owners

Kobe Bryant spoke out against the owners who are seeking to change the whole structure of the current collective bargaining agreement and reduce salaries by UA Curry One Basketball Shoes at least $750 million after the next CBA is put in place.

CBS Sports reported that Kobe told the owners that they must look in the mirror first and that they the owners need to make more adjustments instead of leaning so heavily on the players to make the changes. He also said that the owners need to make a decision on what and how cheap jordan 11 shoes they want the sport to run in the future.

Bryant is set to make $30 million in the final year of his contract which air jordan future shoes for sale runs through the 201314 season making him and Micheal Jordan as the only two players to surpass the $30 million barrier.

The words by Kobe are by far the strongest said by any player and seeing that Kobe is probably in the Cheap Jordans last contract of his career seems to be sticking up more for the younger players and the future of the sport rather then thinking of just himself.

With the NFL in talks with it players air jordan 4 retro about a new CBA the NBA and it status has Cheap LeBron 12 Shoestaken a backseat to the most popular sport in America but makes it noless important as the ramifications could trickle down into other sports as the economy is still in a downfall.

Both sports current CBA expires at the end of this Jordans For Sale season and it would be hard with the current economy for fans to take the players side of keeping current contracts at or above there current level. Look for the owners to use this in negotiations over the next few months.